Film Threat reviews Dirty Gun

filmthreat just posted a review of Dirty Gun on their front page giving it 4 stars!  The thoughtful review written by Mark Bell does a fantastic job of shining light on exactly what Dirty Gun is:

“It’s a live-action war cartoon from Hell.”

“This film is not to be taken all that seriously; the characters are hardly human, and everything is so batshit insane, it’s hard to get all that seriously offended due to the lack of realism. And for the record, if this is realistic… we’re fucked, friends.”

Handsome Police – Episode 3

In this episode the Handsome Police go on an ass-kicking rampage, followed by heavy drinking at their favorite bar, in order to mend Valentine’s broken heart. When a mysterious woman approaches them knowing more than she should know, shit gets weird.

Handsome Police Episode 4

It’s 11:39pm and The Handsome Police are following up on a tip from the Mystery Woman that leads them to a parking lot filled with Porta-Potties. It smells like a trap!

We shot this episode in the middle of the hood in east LA. It’s definitely not the best neighborhood to be hanging out in after dark with a group of all white people and a bunch of camera gear. You also can’t forget the fake guns, and neither could the Police when they drove by and saw what we were doing. This ended up being my first time getting held at gunpoint by a police officer. Fun stuff. Luckily they realized what we were doing, told us we were stupid for doing where we were, and let us finish up the episode.

This also ended up being a great low light test for the 5D Mark III, this whole thing was lit by natural street lights and shot at either ISO 2500 or 3600. The camera honestly looks better than what it looked like to my eyes. Pretty amazing stuff.

Handsome Police on

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 8.19.56 PM

Handsome Police is now playing on the web series site! Head over there and check us out. We’re featured on the front page right now.


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