There’s no such thing as murder on the battlefield… Dirty Gun is an absurd comedy set in the desert of Afghanistan. A group of “Deathwater” mercenaries are on the hunt for something, or someone, to blow up. Why? Because what else do they have to do.

Dirty Gun is the first film from Tough Guys Productions, and is also the acting debut of Michael Stone, the son of Legendary director Oliver Stone. A feature version is currently being developed.

Directed by Matt Devino
Produced by Nicholas S. Biron

Michael Stone as “Skip”
Bobby Vigeant as “Lt. Baby Killer”
Derek Weston as “Bo”
Ryan Golembeske as “Billy”
Bad Guy # 1: Nicky Dequattro
Bad Guy # 2: Alexandria Jovica
Bad Guy # 3: Pete Stamatelatos
Worst Terrorist Ever: Ben Patti

Written by Nicholas S. Biron
Cinematography by Dan Dobi and Matt Devino
Edited by Matt Devino

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